What I Offer

Labyrinth Activities and Services

Labyrinth events can be shaped to a particular organisation or team, or designed for the public. For each event, a temporary labyrinth can be created, using my portable canvas labyrinth, a rope labyrinth or other simple low cost materials, indoors or outdoors depending on venue and weather.

What’s on offer?

Facilitated Labyrinth Walks and Workshops

Opportunities to explore the labyrinth, as an introductory event or with a theme specific to your own group or organisation.

Quiet Days and Retreats

From a half day of quietness to a longer retreat, with the labyrinth. Includes the meditative art of labyrinth drawing for those who are interested.

Day Schools and Short Courses

Learn about the amazing history and contemporary use of labyrinths, including labyrinth walks and the opportunity to create temporary labyrinths.

Temporary Labyrinth Installations

For your own event, for family, friends or festival: a labyrinth installation and facilitator, indoors or outdoors.

Lectures and Seminars

Please get in touch to discuss possibilities. If the topics you’d like to explore are not within my field of expertise, I’ll be glad to refer you to other experienced speakers, based across the UK (and beyond, if appropriate).

Consultancy and Training

I have worked with a variety of universities and other organisations, from early explorations to longer term advice. I offer initial training to help a new labyrinth group get started, and presentations to management and other groups in support of your project, drawing on relevant literature in the field where required (research publications and accounts of developing practice in different sectors).

“I got a huge amount out of my visit and am very grateful
to you for your generosity of time and information.”  

(Head of Teaching and Learning, London College of Fashion)

My Canvas Labyrinth

Sunlight throws a welcome path as Jan’s canvas labyrinth is unfolded for the first time.

For details of a monthly labyrinth walk in east London, see Events page