Jan Sellers


The following books, websites and other materials are here as practical suggestions – have a browse and see what might be useful. I’m often asked for recommendations: I hope you enjoy these…

Books, journals and DVDs

Learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education

30 contributors share ideas and experience of working with the labyrinth in many academic contexts. Editors: Jan Sellers and Bernard Moss. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Working with the Labyrinth: Paths for Exploration

Packed full of advice and ideas on working with labyrinths in many different contexts.  Editors: Ruth Sewell, Jan Sellers and Di Williams.  Published by Wild Goose, 2012.

Labyrinth: Landscape of the Soul

A beautifully illustrated introduction to labyrinths. Di Williams, 2011. Wild Goose.


The Spirit of Silence

Not about labyrinths, but an inspiring exploration of our need for silence and how it ‘makes space for creativity’. John Lane, 2006. Green Books, Devon.


Walking a Sacred Path

Walking the labyrinth as a spiritual and reflective resource. Lauren Artress, 2006. Riverhead.



Annual journal of research on labyrinths and mazes.


Labyrinths for our Time

Introductory DVD: Labyrinths in many different contexts. The Labyrinth Society, 2010. www.createspace.com/295431


World Wide Labyrinth Locator

Best way to find labyrinths across the world – and closer to home.


The Labyrinth Society

Ideas, resources, community building.



Online resource centre, accurate source of historical information about all things labyrinthine.



Labyrinth facilitator training.


Di Williams

Still Paths: Labyrinth events, training, resources.


Ruth Sewell

Labyrinths with a focus on health and healing.


Pilgrim Paths

Finger labyrinths, journals, cards and more.


Engaging Imagination

Two short films featuring the labyrinth as a creative university resource - though the films may be useful in wider contexts too. Find them at http://engagingimagination.com/labyrinths and more in chapter 6 of Alison James and Stephen Brookfield’s new book, Engaging Imagination: Helping students become creative and reflective thinkers (Jossey Bass, 2014).

University of Kent Labyrinth Project

Follow the labyrinth link to find pages on the University of Kent’s Labyrinth Project, including many examples of teaching and learning with the labyrinth.