Jan Sellers

Student Learning Development and Retention Initiatives

2003: Sellers, Jan and Van der Velden, Gwen. Supporting Student Retention [Continuing Professional Development Series no.5]. York: LTSN Generic Centre. www.kent.ac.uk/uelt/learning/value/background.html

2003: Van der Velden, Gwen and Sellers, Jan. [Contribution to Project Report]. In: Anne Hilton. Saving our Students (SoS): Embedding successful projects across institutions. Project Report. pp5-8. LTSN Generic Centre, 26 March 2003, York.


Related conference papers and presentations:

2010: ‘Creative Campus: Campus as Classroom’. Creativity in Professional Practice Research Network. Contributor and lead for planning team. Day seminar at Kent highlighting Creative Campus initiatives. 19 May.

2010: ‘Creative Campus: A new approach to educational change’. Workshop with Louise Naylor, and conference labyrinth installation. SEDA Annual Conference, Chester. 16-17 November.

2007: ‘Creative Takeaways/Plats Créatifs à Emporter. Supporting student learning’ bilingual workshop sequences 1-2 and 3-4. LINKS+II European Project Creativity in Learning and Teaching Conference, University of Sussex, June 21.


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2006: ‘Student Retention: A ‘hope-fulfilling process?’ Keynote speaker. AimHigher East London and Thames Gateway, Student Retention Conference, London, March 21.

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